The Most Effective Pond Sealer in the Industry: Crushed Sodium Bentonite

Crushed sodium bentonite is a natural substance that has numerous applications. It is commonly used as a sealant in ponds that experience high rates of water seepage. Crushed sodium bentonite has proven to be extremely effective as a pond sealer thanks to the unique properties that this industrial product exhibits. As a pond sealer, sodium bentonite has the ability to expand rapidly and absorb over twelve times its dry weight when it comes into contact with water.

If you are in the process of constructing a pond, a small lagoon, or another water body, it is important that you take relevant measures to ensure that your pond remains leak free. Over time, ponds to lose water through the soil that surrounds them, especially if the pond is build on a porous material. Sodium Bentonite is a quick, effective, and environmentally sustainable pond sealer that can be used to eliminate or prevent water seepage.

Southwestern Materials is a Texas based company that has supplying high quality pond sealer products for a number of years. Although we are located in Texas, we can supply sodium bentonite product to customers across the United States. We are committed to providing our customers with the finest pond sealer available in the market today.

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Advantages of Using Sodium Bentonite Pond Sealer

Crushed sodium bentonite comes from the Cretaceous Period, a time when large amounts of volcanic ash from erupting volcanoes collected on ocean beds. This organic material has a unique nature, which offers a number of benefits as a pond sealer product:

  • One of the most important benefits of crushed sodium bentonite pond sealer is the fact that it is extremely easy to apply. Depending on the area on which it is to be applied, pond sealer can be applied using basic construction or farm equipment.
  • Crushed sodium bentonite is also a fantastic option as pond sealer because of its self-sealing properties. As soon as the substance comes in contact with water, it expands and creates a low permeability barrier between the soil and the water.
  • Crushed sodium bentonite pond sealer is effective particularly because it is a permanent solution. Once the adequate amount of pond sealer is applied to the waterbed of a pond, the barrier it creates is extremely long lasting. Therefore, you will have to spend little time and effort maintaining your pond in the future.
  • Sodium bentonite is one of the most affordable pond sealer options, and this is another reason it is one of the most popular choices. The manufacturing process for sodium bentonite clay is extremely cost-effective allowing suppliers to reduce their overall prices and pass these savings on to customers.
  • Crushed sodium bentonite pond sealer is an environmentally friendly option. The substance is naturally occurring and when properly applied causes no harm to plant life, wildlife, or aquatic life. It contains zero chemical additives.

Why Choose Southwestern Materials for Sodium Bentonite Pond Sealer

At Southwestern Materials, we can supply a variety of types of sodium bentonite pond sealer materials to customers across the country. Regardless of the quality or product you need, we can meet your needs. In addition to selling high quality crushed sodium bentonite as a pond seal, we also supply granular bentonite, bentonite chips, and bentonite grout. We can also provide expert advice to help you get the most from your sodium bentonite products.

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