Pond Seal: Using Sodium Bentonite for Leaking Ponds

When you have a water body, such as a pond, that shows signs of leaking, you need a high quality pond seal to patch it up. Made entirely from bentonite clay, and completely safe for the environment, our sodium bentonite pond seal is an effective and affordable solution to several of the types of water seepage problems that may occur with ponds and lakes.

At Southwestern Materials, we are a local Texas based sodium bentonite supplier. With our bentonite clay products, we bring you the best and highest quality bentonite pond seal for sealing leaking ponds. Additionally, we provide a variety of other sodium bentonite products that can be used for a number of applications.

To learn more about using our pond seal as a liner for ponds or to find out more information about any of our clay bentonite products, contact us online or by phone at 888-600-6077.

What is Pond Seal and What Are Its Applications?

Our pond seal is made from a high swelling variant of natural bentonite clay with absolutely no harmful or chemical additives. When it comes into contact with water, our bentonite pond seal will swell up to about 10 or 12 times its original size. This is what gives our bentonite material its excellent pond sealing qualities.

When this substance is applied over porous soil in an even layer or blended with soil and spread over the bottom of a pond, it creates a strong, impermeable layer that prevents leaks. Since it is a natural substance, it will not harm wildlife, aquatic plants, fish, or livestock in any way. Additionally, it will not harm natural soil compositions and does not contaminate the water.

How to Apply Bentonite Pond Seal

There are three common methods of using pond seal to stop leaks:

  • the Blanket Method
  • the Mixed Blanket Method
  • the Sprinkle Method

The first method requires an even layer to be spread between two layers of natural soil, usually above the porous layer of soil that is prone to leaks. The second method uses a blend of soil and bentonite clay over the porous soil. These methods are employed in situations where the pond can be completely drained before application or at the time of new pond construction. The final method, the Sprinkle Method, is used only in cases where draining is not an option. It requires the pond seal to be sprinkled over the problem areas, where it sinks to the bottom and settles to seal off the leak.

Depending on the coarseness of the soil and its composition, pond seal is applied in different amounts to be effective. The use of this material does not stop with ponds; it can be also used for sealing leaks in lakes, wells, lagoons, and a number of other water bodies.

Benefits of Sodium Bentonite Pond Seal

Over the years, pond seal has been found to be the best solution for dealing with leaks in waterbeds. There are a variety of characteristics that make this such a great solution:

  • It does not require extensive labor to be applied. Especially if used at the time of construction the pond, pond seal can be applied with simple farming tools or construction equipment.
  • It has a naturally suitable structure that does not require it to be mixed with other chemicals or potentially harmful materials.
  • It is naturally erosion-resistant and will last for a long time, especially if applied using the blanket or mixed blanket methods.
  • Pond seal is 100% eco-friendly and will not alter the chemical composition of the pond water or soil.

Trust Only the Best Bentonite Pond Seal from Southwestern Materials

As with all materials, the quality of pond seal will affect its performance and sustainability. At Southwestern Materials, we strive to bring you the highest quality, most natural sodium bentonite pond seal that we can. To learn more about our products, call us today at 888-600-6077. For additional information, you can also contact us online.