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Want to Order Sodium Bentonite as a Liner for Ponds: We Deliver

At Southwestern Materials, we are a leading supplier of bentonite products, including sodium bentonite as a liner for ponds. We can supply materials to customers across the country. With high-quality products and reliable service, we have been able to meet the requirements of customers including those involved in construction, roadway construction, drilling, property and land development, farming, and more.

We take special efforts to make sure that each shipment of bentonite liner for ponds is delivered safely. Our sodium bentonite liner for ponds is packaged in 50lb nylon bags and in 3000lb nylon bulk bags. This packaging material is safe to be used with sodium bentonite, and is tested to ensure it is durable and free of any damage, in order to avoid leakage or spillage. We can also load bulk bentonite to be used as a liner for ponds or for a variety of other applications directly in to a dump type trailer.

Orders of bentonite liner for ponds of any size can be picked up directly from our mine or warehouse. These orders will be priced F.O.B. We can also ship an order to anywhere in the United States for an additional shipping rate.

Using Sodium Bentonite as a Liner for Ponds and More

Sodium bentonite is popularly used in industrial applications and as a liner for ponds. Its high absorbency and swelling properties are the primary reasons why this material is so commonly used. The material can expand 16 times more than its normal size. It has a water absorbency rate of 10 times more than its weight in water. This makes it an excellent natural sealant and a reliable liner for ponds.

Some of the uses of sodium bentonite include:

  • As an Earthen Sealant: Sodium bentonite is commonly used as a natural sealant. The material has even been recommended by government agencies to seal sewage lagoons and landfills. The absorbent and swelling properties of sodium bentonite are ideal for sealing wasteland.
  • As a Liner for Ponds: One of the most common uses of sodium bentonite is as a liner for a pond. Lining and sealing of manmade ponds is simple with the help of this material.
  • In Industrial Applications: Sodium bentonite has many uses in factories and industries as well. Some of the more popular industrial uses of this material are: as a binding agent for creating taconite pellets and to create casting molds that are reusable and heat-resistant.
  • In Drilling Applications: Other than as a liner for ponds, sodium bentonite is also used to seal leaking areas when digging, drilling, or sealing wells.

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