Looking For High Quality Bentonite for Ponds?

Constructing a pond is not as simple as digging a trench and filling it with water. If you attempt to do this, you will quickly realize that your pond is extremely unsuccessful at retaining any water. This is because ponds experience high rates of water seepage when not cared for effectively. Water from ponds often seeps in to the soil that makes up the sides of the pond. Moreover, due to the intense pressure from the volume of water that rests above a waterbed, water seepage through the bottoms of the pond is also prevalent.

One of the most effective and safe ways to prevent water seepage in any size pond, to use bentonite for ponds. Bentonite for ponds is an earthen sealant that is 100% natural. It contains no chemical additives and causes no harm to plants, wildlife, or fish. Bentonite for ponds can be extremely effective in sealing ponds and retaining water.

Southwestern Materials is a Texas based company that supplies bentonite for ponds across the United States. If you are interested in learning how bentonite for ponds can help keep your pond in good condition and prevent leaks, contact us today. We are dedicated to providing high quality clay bentonite for ponds.

Benefits of Using Bentonite for Ponds

While the exact origins of the substance still remains unclear, bentonite for ponds is made up of volcanic ash sediment that has unique properties, which make it extremely effective as a natural sealant. Some of the primary advantages to using bentonite for ponds include the following:

  • Easy Application: One of the main advantages of using bentonite for ponds is the ease with which it can be applied. Available as a clay or granular bentonite form, the substance does not require any specific equipment for its application. Bentonite for ponds can be applied using typical farm equipment or hand tools. Moreover, bentonite for ponds expands rapidly when it comes into contact with water. This essentially means that the substance is self-sealing.
  • Environmentally Safe: Bentonite for ponds is also an environmentally conscious pond sealant option. Using bentonite for ponds has had no known adverse effects on plant or wildlife. It is a naturally occurring substance and has no chemical additives. In fact, bentonite has even recently been advertised as an excellent healing and beauty product owing to its unique absorbing properties.
  • Affordable: Using bentonite for ponds is an extremely cost-effective option for sealing your pond and preventing leaks. As a naturally occurring substance, it can be found in abundance. Moreover, since it has the capacity to expand when it comes into contact with water, one does not need to use copious amounts of the substance to seal a pond effectively.
  • Long-Term Solution: Using bentonite for ponds is also extremely long-lasting solution for preventing leaks and seepage. The last thing anybody wants to deal with is frequent pond maintenance. Using bentonite for ponds allows you to gain some peace of mind as the impermeable barrier it creates between the soil and the pond water lasts for long periods of time.

Let Southwestern Materials Supply You with Bentonite for Ponds

If you are in the market for a superior and natural sealant that is also environmentally friendly, contact us by phone or through our website to learn more about our product and to place your order. At Southwestern Materials, we are fully committed to the provision of a high quality, long lasting product to all our customers. For those located in Texas and around the country, we can deliver or ship your bentonite supply to you directly. Choose Southwestern Materials and take advantage of some of the most affordable rates in the industry.