How to Fix a Leaking Pond

A leaking pond has the potential to lead to a lot of problems. That is why it is important to use a high quality pond seal product to address and eliminate any water leaks or seepage problems.

At Southwestern Materials, we are leading suppliers of high quality sodium bentonite clay products. These products are excellent earthen sealants, and they can be used to fix all types of leaks in ponds, lagoons, and other water bodies. Since sodium bentonite offers a seal that is watertight and long lasting, it can be used in a wide range of applications including in lining landfills, sealing lagoons, well abandonment applications, sealing slurry walls, and drilling applications. However, using it to seal a leaking pond is still one of the most common applications.

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Methods Used to Fix a Leaking Pond

At Southwestern Materials, we recommend, one of three methods for fixing your leaking pond. These methods are tried and tested ways to apply sodium bentonite to a leaking pond or during new pond construction, in order to ensure that you do not experience seepage problems in the future. These methods include:

  • Blanket Method: This method of preventing a leaking pond can be used when repairing an old pond, and also when constructing a new pond. However, because it requires the pond to be drained, it can be impractical for some existing ponds. In this method, the bentonite is applied in an even layer between the porous soil and the soil cover. This is the most effective method, but it requires a lot more work during the application process.
  • Mixed Blanket Method: This method is similar to the blanket method. First, water must be drained from the pond. Next, the bentonite is blended with several inches of soil and spread across the layer of porous soil at the bottom of the pond. Then the water can be added to the pond. This method may sometimes be less effective than the blanket method for fixing a leaking pond, but adjusting the amount of bentonite used based on the type of soil, will improve the results.
  • Sprinkle Method: For a leaking pond where the water cannot be drained away or in situations where the leak is coming from an isolated spot. A granular bentonite can be sprinkled from the surface of the pond above the location of the leak. The granules then settle along the bottom of the pond and swell along the leak to clog it and prevent further problems.

Depending on the severity of the leak and how extensive the damage is, any of the three application methods may be applied to a leaking pond. However, one method is typically best. If you are unsure of which application method is best for you, contact Southwestern Materials for our expert advice.

Finding the Source of the Leaking Pond

Depending on the situation, finding the source of the leak can be a difficult task. Some methods for finding the sources of a leaking pond can include, checking for any wet patches around the area of the pond. You can conduct a soil probe to identify moisture under the surface. Recognizing unseasonal vegetation during dry spells can also help you find the location of excess moisture under the surface.

Another option, is that you can also allow the leaking pond to seep and stabilize until you can identify the level where the leak is occurring. For unlined ponds, finding the source is much more difficult. In these cases, you will need to do a pump test. Once you have found your source, it is advisable to drain the entire pond before applying the sodium bentonite. In cases where this is not possible, the sprinkle method may be used.

Seal Your Leaking Pond with Sodium Bentonite from Southwestern Materials

If you need a cost-efficient and effective way to seal that leaking pond, nothing works better than sodium bentonite. At Southwestern Materials in Texas, we bring you top-quality bentonite material in any quantity. To learn more about sodium bentonite and how it can help with your leaking pond, call us now at 888-600-6077 or contact us online by completing our online form.