Bentonite Clay and Other Sodium Bentonite Products

Here at Southwestern Materials, we are leading suppliers of natural sodium bentonite materials. We have several different types of bentonite clay available. Each of these products has its own intended applications and uses.

Bentonite clay is a naturally occurring material that is a wonderful sealant. Our bentonite clay products do not contain any harmful chemicals or additives that could compromise the soil or groundwater, making it safe for humans, plants, and wildlife. Our bentonite products are available in packaged bags and bulk quantities, and they are relatively cost-effective as well. If you would like to learn more about our bentonite clay products and their applications, call us today at 888-600-6077. You can also email us with your questions about clay bentonite by completing our online contact form, and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as we can.

Types of Bentonite Clay Products We Offer

When you come to Southwestern Materials, you can rest assured that you are buying nothing but the very best sodium bentonite products. From granular to very fine clay ideal for use as pond liners, all of our bentonite clay products are of superior quality.

Our line of sodium bentonite products includes:

  • Pond Seal:  This type of bentonite clay is used to rectify leaking ponds or prevent leaks in new ponds. It is directly applied to the bottom of the pond or sprinkled along the problem areas. It is found to be most effective when blended with soil or applied between two layers of soil along the bed of the pond. It is made from crushed sodium bentonite and is usually applied after completely draining the pond. The coarser and more porous the soil is, the more of this bentonite soil will need to be applied.
  • Granular BentoniteSeal: This high swelling variety of bentonite clay forms a gel-like substance when it comes into contact with water. The most common application for granular bentonite is the filling of voids and sealing off wells in order to prevent the entry of surface water into underground aquifers. When used in wells, it shows no sign of contamination. It is also used for the decommissioning of old and abandoned boreholes. To apply, this sodium bentonite material is commonly blended with Super Mud to slow down the swelling. It is then mixed with water and pumped into the targeted areas where it is allowed to swell and seal up the gaps.
  • Hole Plug – Sodium Bentonite Chips: If you are looking for larger particles of bentonite clay, we provide sodium bentonite chips. They are about 3/8 inch pieces of sodium bentonite that are best used for plugging up larger holes. The most common applications for this product include the decommissioning of wells, construction of geothermal wells, and sealing of grounding rods. It can also be utilized to plug of flow holes and seal off casings.
  • Bentonite Grout: For those who need finely powdered bentonite clay, bentonite grout is the answer. It is specially formulated to seal in abandoned drill holes, well casings, and geothermal holes.

All of our bentonite clay products have been tested by various laboratories to ensure that they do not harm the integrity of the soil or ground water around the areas where they are applied.

The Advantages of Sodium Bentonite Clay

Using bentonite clay in ponds, wells, and in other earthen sealant applications offers many advantages. For example:

  • It is cost-efficient
  • Results are long-lasting and need little to no follow-up
  • Bentonite clay is all-natural so it is environmentally-friendly
  • It has numerous applications
  • It does not harm aquatic life, plant life, livestock, or humans

Technical Data for Our Bentonite Clay:

Choose Southwestern Materials for Your Bentonite Clay Needs

At Southwestern Materials, we make it our goal to not only supply the highest quality sodium bentonite products, but also to educate our customers about the uses and benefits of using bentonite clay.

To learn more about how bentonite clay can be used, call us toll-free at 888-600-6077. You can also email us with your questions and concerns by completing our online contact form, and we be in touch as quickly as possible to answer your questions.