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Need more information about sodium bentonite products? With a knowledgeable and experienced staff, we at Southwestern Materials can answer any questions and clarify the doubts that you have about using clay bentonite as a pond sealant or for any other applications. Whether you would like to learn more about the material and its uses or you wish to get a price quote, you call us in Texas at 512-280-7801 or toll free at 888-600-6077.

Southwestern Materials is among the leading suppliers of bentonite clay in the Texas area. We also supply bentonite clay to customers all over the United States. Moreover, we provide excellent sales service and can answer any question you might have about the application or uses of clay bentonite.

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Learn More About Clay Bentonite

Are you having trouble with leaking ponds or wells? Looking for an environmentally-safe method of sealing leaks? Clay bentonite products from Southwestern Materials are the answer for you. The swelling and absorbent properties of this material provide an effective and reliable solution to leaks. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about sealing your pond and spending hundreds of dollars on fixing your pond lining on a regular basis. Clay bentonite is an effective and lasting pond liner solution.

This environmentally safe material is also popularly used as a sealant in construction and land development projects. Clay bentonite can be used to seal ponds, wells, and landfills. It can also be used as an environmental sealant to quarantine pollutants that can contaminate groundwater.

Additionally, there are a variety of applications for which the construction industry uses clay bentonite. For example, it can be used in waterproofing walls and foundations of structures. Its rheological properties also make bentonite useful in the drilling industry. As you can see, the uses of clay bentonite are almost endless.

Some of the many uses and applications of sodium bentonite include:

  • Fixing leaking water hazards at golf courses
  • Sealing industrial ponds
  • Lining landfills
  • Coring dam structures
  • Sealing earthen stock ponds
  • Plugging abandoned well holes
  • Plugging environmental test holes
  • Sealing waste land

If you wish to learn more about this material and its applications, call our experts today. You can also find a variety of useful information about sodium bentonite on our website.

Why Purchase Clay Bentonite from Southwestern Materials?

Southwestern Materials is a Texas-based supplier of clay bentonite. We believe in providing an affordable solution for people to seal their leaking ponds and plug leaking dams. Our clay bentonite products are processed without any chemical additives and are safe for the environment. This means that you do not have to worry about compromising the safety of wildlife, plants, or humans when using sodium bentonite.

At Southwestern Materials, we supply a wide variety of types of clay bentonite materials. This includes granular bentonite, which can be used to seal and case water wells or other water bodies. We also supply bentonite chips, which is normally used for plugging holes like abandoned wells and environmental test holes. To learn more, call us today!