Sodium Bentonite Chips: Hole Plug for Boreholes & Wells

Sodium bentonite is available in many different forms, each designed for different applications. One of the possible forms of bentonite available is sodium bentonite chips. While bentonite chips are not the typical form chosen for pond sealants, bentonite chips are one of the most effective options when dealing with boreholes and wells. This product, also known as hole plug, can be used to plug all types of boreholes and wells, making it a useful choice in the drilling industry.

Southwestern Materials is a Texas based supplier of bentonite chips as well as other bentonite materials including granular and powdered form. We supply bentonite of only the highest quality, and we maintain strict measures to ensure our quality standards are met. As a local Texas based company, we can supply our bentonite products throughout the local area. We can also ship any quantity of bentonite product to customers located across the United States. To place an order, request a quote, or simply to learn more about our clay bentonite products contact us online or by phone at 888-600-6077.

Bentonite Chips: Features and Uses

Bentonite is an industrial product that reacts very uniquely when it comes into contact with water. When moist, sodium bentonite turns into a gel-like substance with an extremely high rate of liquid absorption. Moreover, bentonite can act effectively as a barrier between water and soil, greatly reducing water seepage. With these properties, bentonite is commonly used as an earthen sealant for a variety of applications.

Some of the most common uses for bentonite chips include the following:

  • One of the more common uses of bentonite chips is in the well drilling process. Bentonite chips are often added to water and cement to create a substance known as drilling mud. Drilling mud is an extremely important component of the well drilling process. The slurry known as drilling mud helps carry rock chips and drill cuttings upward toward the surface. In this way, bentonite chips are extremely important in ensuring that circulation rate of the drilling mud remains high.
  • Sodium bentonite chips are also a common form of bentonite used when sealing de-commissioned wells. When wells are abandoned, it is important to seal them effectively so that there is no ground water seepage into these subsurface aquifers, which can contaminate the water supply. This process works in reverse as well, as bentonite chips can be used to ensure that functional boreholes and wells remained sealed so that water seepage does not become a problem.
  • Bentonite chips are also used in conjunction with grounding rods, used primarily to install electrical equipment underground. Grounding rods are driven into the ground before bentonite chips are applied to plug any holes or voids in the surrounding soil.

Choose Southwestern Materials for the Finest Bentonite Chips

At Southwestern Materials, we sell bentonite chips in a 3/8 inch size. We take great care and effort to ensure that we supply only bentonite products of the highest quality. This way you can rest assured that your product will exceed your expectations for any application. To learn more about our bentonite chips or to place an order, contact us by phone at 888-600-6077 or by completing our online contact form.