Bentonite Grout: Effective and Safe Pond Liners

At Southwestern Materials, we supply sodium bentonite in a multitude of forms. One of the most popular forms is that of bentonite grout. Bentonite grout products are powdered substances that are typically used as pond liners. Pond liners are substances that are applied on to the waterbed and sides of ponds or lagoons. Pond liners are generally applied when ponds are surrounded by porous soil, such as gravel, sand, or silt. Porous soil has many gaps and holes that allow water to seep through. Pond liners like bentonite grout are highly absorbent and create effective barriers that restrict water from moving through soil.

Bentonite grout is one of the most popular types of pond liners because it is natural, safe, and easy to apply. Depending on the size of the pond, these pond liners can be applied using typical hand tools or basic farm equipment. Operating out of Texas, Southwestern Materials is one of the leading suppliers of pond liners like bentonite grout. We offer delivery services across the entire United States and can supply bentonite grout in a variety of quantities.

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Features & Uses of Pond Liners like Bentonite Grout

  • Pond liners like bentonite grout are particularly effective in stopping water seepage because of the unique way in which they react with water. When bentonite grout pond liners come into contact with water, they expand to form a clay-like substance that is highly absorbent. This substance creates barrier of low permeability that prevents water from seeping into porous soil. In this way, pond liners like bentonite grout can help a pond retain its original water level.
  • Pond liners like bentonite grout are also especially effective in sealing off wells that have been abandoned and de-commissioned. In order to prevent ground water from seeping into these boreholes and wells, pond liners are applied over holes and gaps along the wells. This process also works in reverse for wells that are still functional. In this case, bentonite grout can prevent water from seeping out of boreholes and wells without contaminating them.
  • Pond liners like bentonite grout are also used during the construction of geothermal wells. The low permeability barrier that is created by these pond liners ensures that heat transfer through these wells can take place with minimum energy loss.

Choose Southwestern Materials for Pond Liners & Bentonite Materials

Because of its unique capabilities and properties, bentonite grout is an effective product for a number of uses. It is one of the best pond liners, and it can be used to form a watertight barrier for a variety of additional applications as well. Beyond pond liners like bentonite grout, we also sell bentonite in other forms like granular bentonite and bentonite chips.

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